PDCA Operations implements change projects in order to achieve quantitative results starting from a realistic and effective operations improvement plan.

We know what to do:

Operational diagnosis. It includes the process definition, immersion studies to detect inefficiencies, case studies, workshops, savings identification and an improvement plan proposal.

We know how to do it:

Change project. Consists on the improvement plan execution, which we define based on the operational diagnosis. Surely, the change project aims: change “way things are done” in the organization, implement a continuous improvement culture and achieve the expected results.


The analysis is the first stage for a change project. We immerse ourselves in the operations to understand the real needs, identify the problems root causes and the impacts.


We perform an analysis together with the members of the organization. We make our stakeholders participate from the beginning and we always consider their opinions and concerts. We create an environment that embraces people to identify improvement opportunities. Our task here is to prioritize them and propose an roadmap to achieve it.


Knowing processes and systems, involving the organization


Living with the reality of the organization. See what happens


Dimension the magnitude of the problems and identify their root cause

Expose and Consensus

Present and agree on the conclusions. Obtain a diagnosis


Propose an action plan. Assess the impacts

Action plan

We propose a concrete action plan to obtain the expected impacts.


This plan is personalized and adapted to our client’s reality, prioritizing actions according to their importance and need.


The activities to be carried out, whether they are short, medium or long term, are scheduled in the time and dedication required.


Our action plan is an immediate and evident consequence of a well done diagnosis.

Solution design

The design of the solution follows AGILE methodology, so that the implementation is iterative, consensual, incremental and adaptive.


We fragment the tasks from a minimum design, improve them in small increments and validate them iteratively.


We seek client participation and acceptance in each iteration.


We evolve the way we want to achieve our goals. We are open to change the direction.

Change project

We do what we say and make things happen in a collaborative and participative way. We have a comprehensive approach to business transformation.


We start with immediate impact actions that generate confidence before going deeper into other actions to optimize the processes. We implement management tools that monitor the project process. We adapt the organization to the functions and responsibilities required and we coach teams in change management.

Immediate impact actions

Achieve quick impact with limited effort and resources


Focus on value-added tasks


Model that aligns roles and responsibilities with corporate goals

Management system

Tools to ensure decision making to cope with deviations


Developing middle management change competencies

Continuous improvement

We accompany our clients so that the results are tangible and sustainable over time. The organization itself must assume the new dynamics so that it can autonomously identify possible deviations and take corrective action without our intervention.


Our role in the project becomes one of monitoring through audits that show the degree of implementation of the new management system. Audits help to check whether the organization acquires management skills in their culture.

We accelerate your transformation